Our Directors

Prof. Anurag Gupta Director Director

Maths | BE (CMPN)

Prof. Anurag Gupta is an esteemed mathematics expert with proficiency in Mathematics I, II, III, and IV. He holds a rich teaching background, including:

  • 17 years as the Director of Mathematics and Founder of Sharpwell Tutorials.
  • 6 years as the Director of Mathematics at Genuine Private Tutorials.
  • 8 years as an Ex Lecturer of Mathematics at Suresh Dani's Classes.
  • 10 years as a Lecturer of Mathematics at Arihant Academy Science.
  • Previous teaching roles at Eureka Academy, Sudarshan Classes, Gurukul Academy, and Arun's Classes.

Prof. Gupta's teaching skills are remarkable, evident in his accomplishments as an author of Engineering Mathematics and Engineering Mathematics II textbooks. He excels in relating mathematical concepts to real-life examples and specializes in explaining complex topics such as matrices in the context of RAM memory and shift of origin with respect to robotics, among many other practical applications.

Prof. Manish Nadkarni Director

Biology | B.E (Mechanical), MBA(NMIMS)

Prof. Manish Nadkarni is a seasoned educator, specializing in teaching a range of engineering subjects, including Engineering Mechanics (Sem I), Engineering Drawing (Sem II), Strength of Materials (Sem III), Theory of Machines (Sem IV & V), and Fluid Mechanics (Sem III & IV). With an impressive teaching career spanning over a decade, his experience includes:

  • Serving as a Lecturer at Vidyalankar Classes for 11 years.
  • Contributing as a Visiting Lecturer at D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering for 5 years.
  • Lecturing at Thakur College of Engineering for 2 years.
  • Sharing knowledge as a Visiting Lecturer at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology for 1 year.
  • Offering private coaching through MN Tutorials for 11 years.
  • Enriching the educational landscape with 9 years at Sharpwell Tutorials.

Notably, Prof. Nadkarni is an accomplished author with credits that include 'Engineering Mechanics' published by Tata McGraw Hill in 2008 and 'Engineering Mechanics' by Techmax Publications in 2013. His academic excellence is underscored by achieving the top position in Mumbai University for Engineering Drawing in 1992. Additionally, he authored the textbook "Engineering Drawing," published by Techknowledge Publications, further contributing to engineering education.

Prof. Harish G. Narula Director

| B.E. Electronics & Telecommunication, M.E. Electronics

Prof. Harish G. Narula, an accomplished author with a portfolio of over 70 textbooks published by Techmax Techknowledge Publications, covers a diverse array of subjects, including Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEE), Structured Programming Approaches (Semester 1), Computer Programming in C, C++, and Java, and the intricacies of Microprocessors and Advanced Microprocessors, his experience includes:

  • D.J. Sanghvi College of Engineering (20 years)
  • Fr. Agnel College of Engineering (2 years)
  • Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (2 years)
  • MN Tutorials (10 years)
  • Sadguru Classes (8 years)
  • Sharpwell Tutorials (9 years)

His teaching experience has focused on an array of subjects, including B.E.E. (Semester 1), C Programming (Semester II), Logic Circuits, Microprocessors (μP), and Data Structures. Prof. Narula's multifaceted expertise as an author and educator underscores his significant contributions to the field of education and his impact on students' learning experiences.


Saud Ansari

Saud Ansari

PhD. in Chemistry

9 Years+


Quants (Mathematics)

Shweta Mishra

Shweta Mishra

Masters in Mathematics

10 Years+

Quants (Mathematics)
Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma


8 Years+

Quants (Mathematics)